Morgellons, the GREATEST man made Crime Against Humanity on Earth!!! This Super Bug is Out to Kill, Sprayed down in Chemtrails, found in GMO Foods and More and will take over your entire body!!! 

Former Baseball Star Billy Koch from Oakland A's has Morgellons, watch video here !

Morgellons Disease - ABC's Nightline - Watch Video here !

What is it? How to cure it!  Read more, not everyone with Morgellons will have open or oozing sores on their body, I Only had the odd one!   Yet I got thousands out of my body!  Very important as we are being misdiagnosed!

Vitamin C 1000 - 6000 mg Daily  We use Ascorbic Acid Chewable (increase dose slowly) Proven by 'Carnicom Institute' to kill Morgellons so very important!  

NOTE:  If you see web-like strings in the grass or on anything outside such as trees, lawn furniture, do not go near it as Morgellons are being rained down in this material from Chemtrail planes.  See information below in  Morgellons exposed! Stay away from all GMO food as Morgellons are being found in them.   Go back to GMO Page for more info on GMO shopping guide on how to avoid them.

Morgellons Syndrome often mistaken for Candida or Adrenal Exhaustion (I was told I had both) which is really a man made disease caused from Chemtrails ,  and possibly even GMO Foods!  Morgellons are found throughout the ENTIRE body and have a vast range of symptoms and can be stimulated by E.M.F. (Electromagnetic Field) Waves.

Morgellons Test
A test to see if you have it can be found here .
(Note: This test involves alcohol which we don't promote, one can simply buy de-alcoholized sparkling red grape juice instead.
  DRINK SOME of the liquid first, then swish and gargle and spit into a white bowl and you will then see the results.)

Morgellons Disease Cleanse

Five steps to get rid of Morgellons....

Step 1 - Eat a low carb, low sugar diet (use Stevia, Xylitol, maple Syrup, honey and Coconut Sugar instead) mainly use raw nuts, raw and cooked vegetables, fruits and whole grains like quinoa, kamut etc.

Step 2 - Epsom Salts Warm Baths 2 Cups twice per day.  Add 1 to 2 Tbs. of antibacterial soap and 3 to 4 Tbs. of Alfalfa powder to this bath.  Soak for at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes.  You should see the Morgellons in the bottom of the tub or floating; you will then know you are having success.  They stick to the green alfalfa powder. Now apply a thin layer of Glycerin over your body, which can be found at your local Drug Store, leave on until the next bath as it smothers them. If they are on your head rub lime juice on your head before bath, then soak your head under the water and shampoo as usual.  I use a shampoo that has mint in it, as they hate it or tea tree shampoo!   You may feel stinging, that is okay that means you are killing them!

Step 3 - Colloidal Silver, one teaspoon per day increasing to 1/4 cup per day, over a 2 month period (to help lower die off reactions such as headache, foggy brain etc.). To cut costs you can buy your own Colloidal Silver maker, just Google it.

Step 4 - Buy Paragon at your local health store, and take it according to instructions, this kills the super bug!

Step 5Materials
- Purchase 4 of the strongest Neodymium Magnets you can find!!
- Cut 4  x 2" x  8" Velcro Strips.

Assembly Instructions
- Lay one Velcro strip on a table.
- Place a magnet approx. 2 inches from each end of one Velcro Strip.
- Now lay the other Velcro strip on top sticking the two together. Note: Stager the Velcro strips approx. by 1.5 to 2"
- Each Magnet Velcro Band will go around your ankles/wrists, one magnet on top of your wrist/ankle and the other on the bottom.
- Wear the Velcro Magnet Bands 24/7 other than for bathing.
- This method is more appealing to the eye.

If you have pain anywhere on your body you can also apply this magnet to the area for a while and it usually brings relief; if not try soaking that area in your bath (see below).

I also noticed going swimming kills them, or having a hot tub as chlorine salts are toxic to them as well!  Also if you feel you have more phlegm than usual be sure to keep spitting it out, it is your body ridding them!

Disclaimer: You may feel too sick doing all this; go slow and back off a bit if it gets too intense.  I suffered a lot because I went too fast.  If you feel too much crawling or bighting, the baths are always good and make you feel instant relief!  And be sure to drink lots of purified water daily!

Other effective remedies for Morgellons Chemtrail disease....
***Visine Allergy or "Clear Eyes Allergy" eyes daily, or open your eyes in the bath, you will feel stinging and bits of stuff  in your eyes.  That is okay just blink and they will fall into your bathwater.
***Gargle frequently with non-alcohol Sparkling Grape Juice and spit into sink you will see the Morgellons come out.  Also drink a few ounces a day of the sparkling grape juice as they hate it, it kills them or eat red grapes and seeds!
***Pomegranate is also good when I eat them I get rid of lots of Morgellons!  Apricot kernels are also very good, eat up to 10 a day!  Again cleansing reactions can be intense, but bathing always works!  Even if you need a 3rd bath per day, do it!
***Remember this is Chemtrail sickness, so do your best to stay in doors and avoid all chem web material.
***And do your best to limit your exposure to cell phones, Smart Meters and electronics as the E.M.F and radiation stimulate Morgellons to grow!

Foods that are great in fighting this disease are as follows:
(Antifungal, Antiparasitic, Antibacterial Properties)

Garlic, Oregano, Cloves, Coriander, Celtic Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Ginger, Anis, Cranberry, Turmeric, Thyme, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut, Sour Kraut, Green Papaya, Spurilina, Chlorella, Carrot Juice, Green Juice or any green juice drink also all citrus juices and tomato juice.

Vitamins  and Health Supplements That Help:

Vitamin C 1000 - 6000 mg Daily (increase dose slowly),  Zinc 25 Mg daily, Oil Of Oregano 1 to 3 drops in water 2 x day,  St. Johns Wort, Echinacea, Tea Tree Oil,  Grape seed, Biotin 8000 mg a day

Turpentine 100 Pure Gum Spirits (See Article On Health page and follow accordingly) I did 1/4 tsp on 1 rounded tsp of sugar followed by 1 cup water to wash down,  and it was intense, I always needed to bath right after, it is better if you use less if you are really sick with Morgellons and slowly work up.  Don't do it more than 2 x  per week.   Whatever works do it! That is my Motto!

Morgellons Exposed
Find out that what is being sprayed in the sky in the form of Chemtrails!